"Blaubär" Audio Book Trailer

"Blaubär" Audio Book Trailer 2'43 2013 Michał Krajczok
The book "Die 131/2 Leben des Käpt´n Blaubär" was originally published  in 1999 and then in 2002 relased as an audio book with the voice of Dirk Bach. This trailer is a short example of the NEW audio book (originally 19 hours long), having the superb voice and acting of Dirk Bach and new Music and Sound Design by Michał Krajczok.
  • Supervising: Walter and Elvira Moers
  • Sound Design Support: Marian Mentrup and Niklas Kammertöns
  • Vocals for "Blaubärmädchen": Larissa Blau
  • Musical Saw: Katharina Micada
  • Trailer Editing: Annette Jung


short film 2D cut-out 4:30 min 2012
Directed and animated by Sonja Rohleder & Veronika Samartseva Columbus wakes up surrounded by rising waters and decides that instead of viewing this shock as a catastrophe he'll take it as an opportunity to set a course for his dreams. Faced with numerous hurdles and challenges en route to his goals, Columbus discovers that learning to appreciate the beauty in the journey and the unexpected is just as important as reaching your destination.  

FEUCHTGEBIETE - Opening Sequence

Animated Title Sequence 3D Computer Graphics 1:23 min 2013
  • Opening title sequence for the german feature "Feuchtgebiete"
  • Animation by TALKING ANIMALS
  • Directed by David Wnendt
  • Produced by Rommelfilm - 2013

  • Graphic Design: Ines Gomes Ferreira

Once i dreamt of Life - Animation Trailer

Animation Sequences 2D cut-out 12 min 2014

Once I Dreamt of Life is a feature length documentary film about suicide — subject that people rarely want to talk about. It’s an account about one’s personal relation to suicide, but also studies suicide as social phenomena: What are the motives, warning signs and consequences? The film follows the journey of a young man, an animated character based on a real person, on his path towards suicide. The journey is described by people who’ve had encounters with suicide – parents who lost their child, young adults who considered or even tried committing suicide. official website of the film: onceidreamtoflife.com/

  • Background Painting: Giulia Valenti


Our Wonderful Nature

short filmcg animation05:072008
directed by Tomer Eshed

Flamingo Pride

short filmcg animation06:002011
Flamingo Pride directed by Tomer Eshed
Trailer Concept/Editing Jens Prausnitz

Chump And Clump

short filmcg animation10:352008
directed by Stephan Sacher and Michael Herm Chump and Clump meet at a bus station. Unfortunately, they have just missed their bus, which arrives only once a week. While waiting for the next bus, a bizarre and wonderfully raucous friendship develops, which still manages to prevail when all odds turn against our little heroes.

Lego Thriller

short film 2D animation 0:30 min 2013
Directed and animated by Annette Jung The legendary Thriller short film in Lego!

Rising Hope

short film 10 min Talking Animals, 2012
Rising Hope, who used to be the fastest horse in the world, suddenly turns into a loser. With the help of a new friend − a jack-of-all-trades hound − he finds hope and himself again.
  • Berlinale International Film Festival
  • Atlanta Film Festival, USA
  • Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film
  • SICAF Seoul Int.Cartoon&Animation Festival
  • DOK-Leipzig 2012, Germany
  • Clermont-Ferrand 2012, France
  • Film Festival Max Ophüls Preis 2013, Germany
  • KROK Int. Animation Film Festival 2012, Ukraine
  • Encounters Film Festival 2012, Bristol, UK
  • Rhode Island International Film Festival 2012, USA
  • Curtas Vila do Conde 2012, Vila do Conde, Portugal
  • "Cartoons & Sport" Cartoon on the Bay 2012, Italy
  • Best Animated Film, Young Jury Award at Rhode Island Int. Film Festival 2012, USA
  • Audience Award for Best Short Film - The 24 hours of Nuremberg Int. Short Film Festival 2012, Germany
  • Award of the Junior Jury for Best Short Film - Capalbio Cinema International Film Festival 2012, Italy
  • Best Film at the Animacam, International  Animation Festival 2013, in Ourense, Spain


Realized by Alexander Pohl The Protagonist, the Auguste, projected onto a huge screen of a pitoresque cinema as a metaphor for the subconscious mind of the audience undergoes an existantial development dreaming of his counterpart the whiteface clown and finally finding his true identity the immortal archetype of the Trickster.
screenplay, design, modelling, rigging, texturing, animation, shading, rendering, VFX: Alexander Pohl
virtual acting/ voice: Florian Hertweck
producer Fabian: Pöhlmann
camera: Till Vielrose
editor: Florian Metzner
music composed and orchestrated by: Stefan Maria Schneider
conductor: Stefan Maria Schneider
music performed by: Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg
solo trumpet: Jan Sebastian Melzer
sound design: Tilman Hopf
sound re-recording mixer: Alexej Ashkenazy
foley artist: Günter Röhn
line producer: Holger Lochau
technical support: Dennis Rettkowski


Susie Asado sings and a small heroin waits for her spaghetti. Directed and animated by Veronika Samartseva and Anna Bergmann (SAMO-SAMA)
  • Camera and lighting: Thomas Bergmann      
  • Music: Susie Asado
  • sounddesign: Michał Krajczok
  • Filmfest Dresden
  • Zlín Film Festival
  • IndieLisboa Junior


Music Video Mixed Media 03:27 min 2012
music video for SEEED - "Beautiful" Directed by Jan Koester 

  • production management: Moritz Mayer 
  • camera: Sebastian Klatt 
  • camera assistent: Olaf von Voss 
  • gaffer: Marc Lontzek 
  • lighting technician: Waldemar Bruch 
  • stunt coordinator: Ralf Haeger 
  • data wrangler, camera, making-of: Beatriz Barragan 
  • intern compositing: Jana Kritchever 
  • intern 2D animation: Anaiis Poilpre